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Cahall Kenneth III(724-538-5649)
Professional Enterprises Inc(724-753-2521)
Everetts Tara(724-753-0195)
Muller Michelle(724-753-1143)
Bruin Stone Plant(724-753-2020)
Siegel Thomas E Limestone Crush(724-753-2020)
McKee Park(724-735-2621)
Bruin United Methodist Church(724-753-0099)
Bruin United Methodist Church Parsonag(724-753-0099)
Sanner Edward D(724-753-2118)
Snow Ronald(724-753-0052)
Eakin Renee(724-753-0025)
Bruin Elementary School(724-753-2203)
Karns City Area School District(724-753-2203)
Hindman Judy F(724-753-2728)
Brewer Joseph E(724-753-2702)
Lipnichan Robert(724-753-0134)
Emery John R(724-753-2667)
Bishop J R(724-753-2656)
Easley Debora D(724-753-2623)
Ray Barry D(724-753-2913)
Parker Township(724-753-2030)
Campbell Ronald C(724-753-2225)
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