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Bisher John H(724-887-9835)
Caddie Shak Family Fun Center(724-593-7400)
Champion Christian School(724-593-9200)
Davis Monuments(724-593-7875)
Donegal Campground(724-593-7717)
Donegal Highlands Golf Course(724-423-7888)
Donegal Marine Sales(724-593-7565)
Donegal Marine Sales & Service(724-593-2121)
Honey Bear Mini Mart(724-593-2300)
K S C Remodeling(724-593-1450)
Mountain Laurel Chamber of Commerce(724-593-8900)
Mountain Produce Outlet(724-593-6805)
New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co Inc(724-593-9955)
Old General Store The(724-593-7112)
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