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Adams Barry E(570-924-4236)
Kilmer Waldo Electric Contr(570-924-3967)
Lambert Farms(570-924-3729)
Marsh Richard(570-924-3355)
Molyneux Carl H(570-924-3536)
Molyneux Clifford(570-924-3560)
Molyneux Leon(570-924-3561)
Pardoe Stephen(570-924-3753)
Peiffer Irvin(570-924-4042)
Renshaw Jon(570-924-3817)
Shaffer R D(570-924-3051)
Swingle James Jr(570-924-3367)
Vough Frances(570-924-3358)
Vough Harvey(570-924-3354)
W B Shaffer Lumber Co(570-924-3334)
Yanney Jos Jr(570-924-3609)
Acorn Markets(570-928-8375)
Barry Francis(570-928-8683)
Bill's Garage(570-928-7272)
Clark Engines(570-928-7141)
Community Bankers Insurance Agenc(570-928-9120)
Dushore Construction Materials(570-928-8858)
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