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Bissman Thomas E Jr(570-923-1353)
Rupert Alicia(570-584-2747)
Dave Thomas Signs(570-584-2222)
Thomas Daniel H(570-584-4469)
Thomas Dave(570-584-2222)
Leonard Faith A(570-584-5170)
Leonard Michael G Atty(570-584-3332)
Bryan Mills Collectibles(570-584-5127)
Lesko Photographic Studios(570-584-5127)
Lesko Resume Service(570-584-5127)
Lindauer's Tavern(570-584-3580)
Murray Jean A(570-584-6067)
Confer Murl S(570-584-2922)
Minnier Timbrelle M(570-584-0106)
McGregor Ronald E(570-584-3668)
Freezer Charles B(570-584-3695)
Snyder Jack(570-584-5021)
Perry R W(570-584-2534)
D J's Wedding Service(570-584-2044)
Rooker R J(570-584-2044)
Shoemaker Dean E(570-584-5794)
The Ground Chuck(570-584-5437)
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