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Archbold Edgar B(724-628-3629)
Thomas James F Jr(724-725-3309)
Tracy Dewvaul W Jr(724-569-4150)
Tracy S E(724-569-4150)
Ware Lydia(724-725-3828)
Wolverton Robert D(724-725-0619)
Clemmer Jane L(724-725-3468)
Amway Products and Services Distri(724-564-9850)
Shaffer's Service Station(724-564-9850)
Springhill Furnace Presbyterian Ch(724-564-2676)
Adams G(724-737-2231)
Alexander Georgeann(724-737-6648)
Besse Louis(724-583-2092)
Bootz Olga(724-583-2092)
Brady Tammy(724-737-5294)
Brown Eugene(724-583-9031)
Culleton Eric(724-737-0796)
Debord Donald(724-583-0827)
Demniak Joseph R(724-737-0246)
Dice Scott(724-737-1365)
Dotson H A(724-583-2136)
Dugan George F Jr(724-737-5022)
Ferranti James(724-737-6919)
Ferruti Mary H(724-737-5550)
Ferruti Phillip P(724-583-7179)
Franks James C(724-583-0851)
Gearing John D(724-737-6623)
Hoerter Patrick(724-583-0867)
Humbert Frances(724-737-5584)
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