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Amber P M(724-437-0514)
Amber Phillip M(724-437-1630)
Beckwith Joseph H Jr(724-437-5026)
Bellus John F SR(724-439-2782)
Bennett Marcia(724-438-5093)
Bennie Charles(724-437-2684)
Billy Joseph(724-437-5113)
Brooks Mildred(724-437-5113)
Brubaker Phyllis M(724-438-1148)
Bufalini Robert M(724-438-8438)
Cacciola Eugene(724-437-8938)
Cole Fred(724-438-3138)
Coleman A E(724-438-1115)
Cooley Beverly A(724-437-0614)
Cooper Jack D SR(724-438-3013)
Costolo Robert C(724-438-6833)
Crossland James N(724-437-6129)
Crossland Merle E(724-438-5861)
Crum John(724-438-6256)
Cusick C(724-430-7381)
Duda A E(724-439-0653)
Dunaway Ray W(724-438-6279)
Duritsky Frank J Jr(724-437-2314)
Fasulkey K A(724-439-5903)
Fayette Friends of Animals(724-434-1422)
Fields S(724-438-6244)
Galderisi Joseph N(724-438-2812)
Galderisi Nathan A(724-438-6286)
Geary Veterinary Services(724-437-4191)
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