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Anthony Randy J(814-322-1823)
Roberts Douglas(814-472-5437)
Roberts Virginia(814-472-5437)
Rosenberger Keith L(814-472-2277)
Ruffing Samuel J(814-472-8278)
Schenk Pete(814-886-2614)
Sheehan Ralph H(814-472-5713)
Sheehan Thomas(814-674-3701)
Shoemaker Mary(814-472-5128)
Shrift Margaret(814-472-6706)
Shuagis Betty(814-886-2788)
Shuty Walter(814-886-7263)
Smith Linda M(814-886-8082)
Smith Richard A(814-886-8082)
Smithbower M A(814-472-0819)
Storm Robert(814-674-5936)
Strong Brenda L(814-674-5750)
Sutton Kathy(814-886-5809)
Sutton Larry(814-886-5809)
Sutton M J(814-344-9927)
Takacs Debbie(814-886-2493)
Takacs Paul(814-886-2493)
Watt Donald P(814-472-5773)
Weakland James(814-472-4502)
Weakland Robert P(814-674-8062)
Weymer K(814-886-2554)
Wherry Merle E(814-886-4628)
Williams Don(814-674-5750)
Wirfel Ermin(814-886-7939)
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