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Bittlebrum John(814-733-2759)
Ohler Verna(814-634-5592)
Brocht Betty(814-634-0423)
Hetrick Fae(814-267-5107)
Keidel Elizabeth J(814-267-4234)
Deist Brian(814-634-1810)
Deist Julie(814-634-1810)
Wilson M(814-634-9472)
Shindledecker Joyce(814-634-8710)
Shindledecker Ronald(814-634-8710)
Omeis Daniel H(814-634-0315)
Smith Benjamin(814-634-1917)
Shipley Theo L(814-634-0777)
Twigg Christopher(814-634-5654)
Bridges Carolyn(814-634-8762)
David Newman(814-634-5776)
Beal Roger(814-634-1606)
Smith Nicole(814-634-8162)
Smith T R(814-634-8771)
Murray R B(814-634-5693)
Knotts Kevin(814-324-4616)
Lorson Richard D(814-634-9266)
Forespring C L(814-634-8842)
Bittner Julie(814-634-5303)
Meyersdale Fire Hall(814-634-5454)
Meyersdale Manufacturing C(814-634-5924)
R & W Pizza & Six Pack(814-634-9294)
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