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Byers Conference Center(717-532-5420)
Lamason John J(717-776-6257)
Worthington Ellis E(717-776-5735)
Yohe Marlin S(717-776-5716)
Ashman Richard L(814-447-3628)
Aurant Walter R(814-447-3241)
Bachman Leroy S(814-542-2262)
Beers Kenneth W(814-447-3211)
Beers Ward J(814-447-3577)
Bindschusz Terry(814-447-3897)
Bland Gerald W(814-447-9562)
Bollinger Lester E(814-447-3496)
Booher Frank(814-447-3578)
Booher Gary L(814-447-3482)
Booher Wade(814-447-9558)
Brandt Blaine B(814-542-3188)
Brandt Mark(814-447-9505)
Briggs Richard T(814-447-3652)
Brightbill David C(814-447-3984)
Brown Edward M Esquire(814-447-3455)
Brown L V(814-447-3766)
Brown Martin R Funeral Home Inc(814-447-3121)
Byers Eva M(814-447-0144)
Chamberlain Deborah(814-542-2242)
Cheslock Beverly A(814-447-3709)
Chilcote Ruth E(814-447-3942)
Church of the Nazarene(814-447-3640)
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