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A Beat Above the Good Time Express(814-772-7453)
Witherite Sarah A(814-894-5104)
Woods N(814-653-7886)
Yakulis Thomas(814-371-5412)
Yanek Steve(814-894-7823)
Yoder Gary R(814-653-2541)
Yohe Raymond(814-894-7995)
Yohe Robert W(814-894-5467)
Young Steven(814-371-7996)
Zelman Frank B(814-894-2727)
Zimmerman Dwight A(814-653-8808)
Zimmerman Ricky D(814-653-2773)
Coffee Shop The(814-503-7024)
McGranor's Tv & Appliance(814-653-9675)
Lougee John E Jr(814-653-9053)
Lougee Jolene(814-653-9053)
Lindemuth Gary A(814-375-4979)
Federal Aviation Administration(814-328-2929)
Welsh Thomas(814-328-2152)
Akers Donald O(814-653-2194)
Akers Olin B(814-653-2194)
Akers Stella(814-653-8748)
Anderson Joyce(814-653-8488)
Armagost Carl(814-653-8153)
Armagost Jo(814-894-7842)
Armagost Neal(814-653-2129)
Bargerstock Ray(814-427-4150)
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