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Ace Concrete and Excavating Serv(814-764-5551)
United Methodist Church(814-745-2231)
Gathers Sally J(814-745-2136)
Myers Edward R(814-745-2291)
Walzak Cathy(814-745-3832)
Walzak Josh(814-745-3832)
Lewis Timothy D(814-745-2266)
Sherman Wesley E(814-745-2328)
Simpson William A(814-745-2918)
Myers Fred L(814-745-2400)
Barkefelt James W(814-745-3468)
Rummel Bonnie L(814-745-2035)
Gonzalez Yolonda(814-745-3710)
Wenner D(814-745-2003)
Kindel Connell(814-745-2884)
Custer William(814-745-3320)
Taylor Connell R(814-745-2383)
Campbell Frank S(814-745-2005)
Priester Amanda(814-745-3740)
McDowell Raymond E(814-745-3361)
Schwartz Lauren(814-745-2151)
Johnston Thomas SR(814-745-2285)
Smerkar Mary(814-745-2685)
Summerville Vernon(814-745-2280)
McElravy David D(814-745-2534)
Conaway S I(814-745-3280)
Marsh Samuel(814-745-3742)
Rainey Jeffery T(814-745-3047)
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